Our Vision: "To be an influential hand in the geopolitics of oil and gas and energy for equitable allocation and distribution"

Future Trends International (Group) Corporation is a group of companies conducting business in various regions, diverse industries, and with multiple formulas and modes of operation. The core focus of the corporation is oil and gas and energy, and related funds and investments in China.


Our abundant preferential availability of sources of oil, gas and other scarce energy resources from our supply side, Middle East, and two decades of experience, influence and operational know-how in dealing with oil and gas projects in China, added with our several oil and gas and energy funds and partnership with investment houses complete our triangular formula of supply, market and finance and place us in a unique position to assist major financial corporations and enterprises, capital groups and money-owners to capture a good share of the largest industry in the largest market of the world by organizing a large portion and a series of supply of scarce oil and gas and petrochemical resources, and applying them to a series of market-side projects with the right operators in a five to ten-year period.


Furthermore, due to our past success and current influence in China, we are in an unparalleled position to help governments and corporations with both designing a strategy and implementing it for entering and expanding in China.

Business Consulting

Many businesses are looking for access to growth markets, international trade, and strategic plans for year over year growth.  Future Trends offers a unique advantage to internation growth markets and networks that spand across the globe.  Let us help you map out a strategy to get your product and service to Asia, Middle East, Africa, and beyond.

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